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Post doesn't appear on main screen

  1. Whenever I write long articles with lots of images, I always seem to have a problem where they don't show up on the main screen. A direct link will work and the preview will work, but on the main screen, nothing.

    This has been posted before, I did a search, but the solutions require a degree of skill I don't have. I just use the online wordpress editor. I don't understand CSS code so if you have the answer, I need it in layman's terms thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please provide the complete and clickable URL for the blog in question starting with http://

  3. When you have a long post full of images you insert "the more tag" and that results in an excerpt only on the front page of your blog with a link for reader's to click so they can read the post on it's own page. Page loading time is a page ranking factor. If you do not insert "the more tag" then your front page becomes a mile long and that means it takes a long time to load and peeves off some readers who click out.

    Did you insert "the more" tag into your posts?

  4. I've never done this but I will check out the link and be right back. Thanks.

  5. Okay I played with the more tag but nothing happens, even with a new post. In a new post, I have my paragraph and then I've inserted my more tag visually and continued to write underneath it, I published it but nothing below the cut off is shown and neither is the bit generated by the more tag. It's just my first paragraph of text.

  6. If you believe you have followed instructions and done everything correctly and that there is a technical issue with your blog, then please use this link to report all details to Staff.

  7. The more tag doesn't work on either of my blogs, so i will contact those behind the link provided thank you.

  8. Hi after emailing support, the more tags work. Use them as specified in the video and then clear your cache to see the changes or try on a different browser. I normally use Safari but test various things using Camino. I was in the odd situation of seeing the changes work in one browser over the other because I hadn't cached the page before as it was the first time I used Camino to view said page.

    Hope this helps other people.

    The reason why it happens is because the post is too big to load on the front page.

  9. @jonathanjk
    Thanks do much for returning to this thread and sharing additional information that may help others. Best wishes with your blogging. :)

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