post draft did not save properly on new posting method.

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    I tried the editor from new post button at the top right of the administration bar, for the first time. I am not pleased with it.

    attempting to save my draft from text mode: I change the Status to “Draft” and pressed save.

    the page reloaded
    the code for an image was still there, which was at the beginning

    but all the text, about 60-70 words after was gone.

    Its possible that I left an errant </p> after the image code
    but I don’t see why that I would lose all my post text after that.
    there does not seem to be any autosave.
    I check the post in the Dashboard and the post draft is saved without my text.

    No loss of internet connection,
    using firefox 30 desktop ver.

    The blog I need help with is



    More than a hundred people have posted recently to complain about the issue. It’s nothing you’re doing; it’s the way the new post button works or doesn’t. It’s the #1 cause of lost posts, and the autosave appears to work, but actually does not.

    Always, always make posts from the dashboard Posts->Add New page. And just before you hit publish, select all, copy all, THEN hit publish. That way you’ve got a copy on your clipboard and if it goes POOF you can just paste it back in.



    thanks raincoaster.
    I agree.

    the copy all to the clipboard just before publishing is great advice. must NEVER try to get rid of the original editor page.
    its been the most reliable.

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