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    I’ve noticed that the WordPress post editor will, at times, insert the   character – for a non-breaking space – into the HTML, seemingly at random. I use a two-column layout on the front page of my blog, and would prefer these not be here. Removing them is time-consuming, as there can be dozens in a single post, and it’s frequently futile: WordPress will simply re-insert them.

    Wrapping the entire post in a pair of <div><div> tags sometimes prevents this, but not always.

    Is there any sure-fire way of preventing this?

    The blog I need help with is



    The code being inserted is &nbsp;. If any mods would like to edit my message above to include the proper code and delete this reply, I’d be grateful. (Or this reply can stand as it is, it’s all good.) Thanks!


    It appears as if wordpress now puts non-breaking spaces between the last two words in a sentence to prevent the possibility of orphaning a single word on a line. And actually this has been going on for about a year as I remember.

    It has done the same thing with post or page titles and will put a non-breaking space between the last two words.

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