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    1. Are you getting a ‘font’ button?
    2. Composing function too schizophrenic. Ex: Italics in editing, not on post. Have to refresh 5+ times to see it on finished post, and even then, no guarantee. Same for line spacing, bolding, ok every function. Same problems using visual tab or editing html in text tab.
    3. Need a quicker, smarter way to go from stats back to blog.
    4. Have I thanked you for having a free service yet? I should have done that first.
    5. Pages should allow columns for poetry. Tables…well, nothing actually, pastes correctly from word 2010.
    6. A ‘through’ button for images inserted into posts would be killer. Right now, no way to put image next to blocks of text, say, in the middle of post.
    7. Put the ‘log in’ up in the corner so you don’t have to scroll down 3-5 pages to get at it.
    8. Gravatar – really annoying feature. Delete delete!

    Thank you for listening.

    The blog I need help with is



    1) no
    2) sounds like you’re having some sort of technical problem. Are you using the visual or text editor?
    3) “Open in new tab”
    4) You’re welcome (I’m not staff, but happy to accept all plaudits)
    5) Go nuts with HTML coding, centering, holding the space bar down. Lots of options to format poetry. For god’s sake, don’t use Word, it will kill your blog. Use Windows Live Writer instead.
    6) Sure there is. Just change the alignment of the image and the text flows around it. Did you mean something else? You can also use tables to lock images to text.
    7) You can move the meta widget to the top in your sidebar or just log in from
    8) Couldn’t agree more.

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