Post emails received by all site authors – how?

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    We have a neighborhood site and all residents are currently responding to the invite. I am assigning each resident authorship status. I want each resident to receive an email whenever a post is published on the site. Not just me, the Admin, but all residents – Authors. How is this done?

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m sorry but this is not a feature. However, anyone can subscribe to the blog feed and then they will receive email updates when posts are published. This is the URL for the RSS feed to your posts

    You can set up email updates by following these instructions


    So it appears the only way is to add the Blog Subscription widget. Nobody in this group knows what RSS is, so I want to avoid that.

    I think that feature would be an excellent addition to the Users section so that the Admin is able to not only change roles for people, but to automatically subscribe them to the blog as well. While it might bring up issues of privacy, for those sites that are created for group use and not really geared towards the general public it would be welcome.



    I’m thinking that all of your Authors will be frequenting the blog probably on a daily basis so the fact that new content has been published is not likely to escape their attention.


    Unfortunately not, although maybe over time they might check in once or twice a month. For many reasons frequent site visits will not be the case, which is why it is important that official or new postings be brought to the attention of residents. They simply will not think to check the website.



    I suppose it would be out of the question to suggest that the Authors sent out the emails after they published. However, I’m afraid that at this point either they or the Admin will have to do that is there is no email to all feature available.

    If you would like to make your suggestion to Staff please do



    This is the second well-thought-out request for this I’ve seen in the last 24 hours. Looks like something staff should seriously consider.

    Until then, the only way is for everyone to use the Subscribe widget button to subscribe via email.



    I do have to say, it could raise concerns if Authors did not know they were being signed up, didn’t want it and thought it was spam, and blamed

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