Why did my post essentially vanished once published?

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    Experienced a very strange event tonight- I had just finished writing a post (took about an hour), including images and clicked on publish.

    However, all that turned up on the blog was the first 5 or so words – the rest of the post has been lost. I can’t have dreamed it, as the images I used in the article are now in my media library, but even the autosaves only have the first 5 words.

    I wasn’t in distraction-free mode, as Timethief asked in the forums – I like the editing buttons, particularly as I do insert lots of photos and media.

    I checked for trash, but nothing there. There are a couple of autosaves, but neither contain anything beyond what got kept when I clicked publish.

    The thing I find particularly strange is the media (photos) that I included in the article did get saved, even though the content of the post was lost.
    Blog url: http://stusshed.wordpress.com/


    Sorry about this. What was the title of the post it happened with? Have you published anything since then?

    Did you do anything different with this post that you hadn’t done with previous posts? Thanks!

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