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    I am having consistent problems with the system reading my posts’ featured images. I set the image when drafting a post and when the post appears in the Topics categories or sections the featured image is not being shown. All that shows up in my profile photo.

    In order to get the system to recognize these images I’ve had to delete them and reload them onto my media library and then go through the whole process again setting the feature image and so on. This is what I’ve had to do over the last couple of weeks but today (2/10) this is not working at all.

    Can someone please let me know if I am doing something wrong or is there is just some glitch in the system?

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m having the same problem. My site is: Yesterday and today, I’ve tried to “set featured image” for two of my recent posted and nothing has worked. I’ve tried re-sizing images, different resolutions, JPG, and GIF formats. I just get the “home page” image at the top of my posts. As an example, this page,, was supposed to have the logo for the group as the “featured image”. I set it and re-set it many times. I’ve re-started my computer … nothing seems to work. I keep getting the same “home”
    image. I’ve tried this for a few posts today. No changes. Thank you for any help.



    @renettatull: I think mpbulletin is talking about a different issue. Yours is easy: featured images won’t replace the regular header image unless they are in the pixel dimensions of the header image (or larger). See here as well:



    Renettatull> The “home” image keeps showing up on the list of recents posts like in one of the topic sections? I post in the Politics section and when I look there after I post it shows my profile or “home” image not the featured image I set.

    Is that what you’re referring to?

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