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    I want one of my posts to ALWAYS be as the first one listed. How would I do that? I know I can regulate their posting times I just don’t know how to keep that one always on top of my blog.

    Thank you!



    There are three ways you can do this.
    (1) Constantly altering the timestamp to keep the post on top.
    (2) Creating a front page that’s static with that particular post on it and creating another “posts page” for your running blog entries. However, if you do that it will cost you google juice.
    (3) Putting the post on a page and putting a text widget in the sidebar with a link to the page saying words to the effect of “Please read this page first”.

    Do you want instructions for creating a static front page?
    Here we ago.
    -> Options -> Reading
    Front Page
    Front page displays:
    __Your latest posts or
    A static page (select below)
    * Front page:________
    * Posts page:________

    Complete the required fields and click “Update Options” to save.

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