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Post format for Suburbia theme and TheStyle Premium theme?

  1. I looked under your current list of Post Fomats for all of the themes. I couldn't locate: Suburbia post format (free) and TheStyle theme (Premium theme). Please send the list.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,

    I'm sorry, I don't think I understand quite what you're asking. Are you looking for the two themes, TheStyle and Suburbia? If so, you can find them right here:

    You can also find a list of each of our themes right here:

    You can search for the theme which you want by feature, color scheme, or even by name by clicking the "Find a Theme" button up top.

    Let me know if you had a different question!

  3. Hi, I am looking for information such as does it allow for video, audio, quote, image, other post formats like that? If you can supply the information on both Suburbia and TheStyle, that would be useful for me. Also, If I choose TheStyle and later wanted to switch to, what is a similar theme? I wouldn't want my audience to be upset with a dramatic change I that's what I choose someday.

  4. Neither the Suburbia nor TheStyle theme support the specification of post type unfortunately. They are however both available for installation on sites if you ever decide to migrate over to a self-hosted solution. TheStyle will require an additional fee to re-license it there however if you contact the theme author they may be able to provide a discount.

    You can find Suburbia here:

    And TheStyle here:

  5. Respectfully, why didn't you choose the site to locate this answer? For example, ...which is where I looked for my answer before I asked this original question. I appreciate your time. I'm just trying to sort this out since I'm new to blogging.

  6. Hi there,

    I did not refer you to that page because as you've probably noticed neither of the themes which you were asking about had an entry on it. Instead, I loaded up each theme on test blogs to verify that they did not utilize the Post Formats scheme (which is supported by the fact that they are not listed on that page, however I did want to verify).

    I then linked you to external, self-hosted sites for each of those themes because you were asking about whether or not you could have those themes on your site if you eventually migrated to a self-hosted site. You can, and these are the resources you will need.

  7. Ohh, well now it's all starting to make sense. I think I understand now. Please clarify one thing. So TheStyle theme is on and However, I would have to re-license it and pay a fee if I start on and move it to Is that what you said? So I can only pick TheStyle theme and use it on still but have to download from

  8. Yes, you are correct. The license is not transferrable. So you would have to pay to use the theme here at, but if you decide to move to you would have to contact the theme author to get the theme again. Some authors give deep discounts if you've already purchased the theme from them once before, and some don't give any discount at all. It depends on the vendor.

  9. Great, thanks for all of your help.

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