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    About Twenty Thirteen features mention full range of post formats available in WordPress, are -Links, quotes, videos, audio clips, asides, statuses, images, galleries, and chats—whatever format you choose in the post editor.
    It also mention each form is shown a bit differently than standard blog posts, including a unique background color and possibly different text treatment.

    But I can see only three post formats. ie. standard, Link and Video. How can I apply other formats to my new post.
    And I cant see any unique color background as mentioned in Twenty Thirteen features.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    Selecting one of the post format options from the buttons above the title on the individual post editor page should allow you to create any of the supported post formats.

    If you don’t see them all, could you please take a screenshot of the area where you’re just seeing Standard, Link, and Video?



    Thanks. Now all the post formats are available.. I can see all the buttons.

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