Post formats on Chateau and a word spacing problem

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    Where do I find the different Post Format options for Chateau please? The theme showcase says there are three options. Also does anyone know the way to force a post title to split over two lines so that when viewed in archive view it does this


    not Blackbeardorilla Ah
    oy I’ve tried adding extra spaces, but it just makes it worse….

    as it is currently doing on my gorilla blog. Thanks for any help. Joanna

    The blog I need help with is


    On the post title, there is no way to force a break. It will automatically break when it is longer than will show on one line.

    On post formats, I found this by searching the support pages for “post formats.”



    I take your point but I don’t understand why it is breaking in the middle of a word. Surely it should break before the second word begins? It only does it on this one title. All the other breaks happen in the space between words.

    I solved the post format mystery. For some reason my Dashboard post view had rearranged the modules so that the post format one was way down the page. It used to be located under the publish button. Thanks for the link though, much appreciated :)



    I can see this happening on other people’s blogs too, just been reading TT’s personal development blog which uses Chateua and it happens on one of her titles too….

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