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    Hi There

    I wanted to create a gallery of thumbnail pictures using pictures pulled in from existing posts.

    I opened up a new post, clicked the gallery option and inserted three pictures. It has not come out too well as all the photos are squashed to one side. In fact whether you choose Standard format or Gallery format it is exactly the same result ( in which case what is Gallery format for?).

    I have read up the article and while this clearly states that “An image gallery will display a set of thumbnail images attached to a particular post or page”, I can’t make this happen. Nor can I create the kind of neat presentation shown in the article.

    What am I doing wrong?

    The blog I need help with is



    You haven’t actually used the Gallery feature in that post. You’ve inserted your images normally in a Standard post format.

    Inserting a Gallery: Click on the Add Media button and then In the image uploader (where you uploaded the images in the post), you should see a tab called “Gallery”. Click on it and then follow the instructions in the Support doc from Point 5.

    Gallery Post Format: This affects how your Gallery will display on the front page of your site and it can vary from theme to theme. Here’s more about Post Formats and you can see this in action in the Yoko demo site look for “Fall in Luxembourg”


    Hi – many thanks for getting back to me.

    I actually wanted to insert a gallery from images already uploaded and which are already attached to posts.

    I can see how this works if I upload pictures from my computer (I can see the Gallery tab appears) but what interested me was the possibility offered in the wordpress support doc (see link above) which suggested that “An image gallery will display a set of thumbnail images attached to a particular post or page”. I read this as saying ‘click on an image in a gallery and it will open up the post it is attached to’.

    The Yokodemo example is lovely but it is a slideshow of images none of which are attached to a post (or so it seems?)



    There’s a basic misunderstanding here and apparently the Support doc is misleading.

    Currently, Images are attached when you upload them to the post or page where you want them to appear.

    Only unattached images can be “attached” to a post after you’ve uploaded them directly to the Media Library.

    If you want to include images in a Gallery from the Media Library that you have already uploaded and attached to other posts, you will need to do so by modifying the Gallery shortcode in the HTML/Text Editor tab of the Post Editor and using “includes” and the image ID number. It is *much* faster to simply upload those images again to the post, especially if you’ve taken the time to optimize the images first.

    Let me point you to a FAQ I’ve written about using the Gallery feature. Perhaps it will help clear things up



    The “slideshow” in the Fall in Luxembourg is, in fact, a post using the Gallery feature (and the Gallery Post Format) and the “slideshow” is the default Image Carousel that displays once a thumbnail is clicked on.


    Hi Jennifer

    many thanks for your feedback and advice. I may not be able to do exactly what I originally wanted to do but you have given me enough pointers to maybe create a ‘workaround’.



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