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    How do I change a post that is already published from Aside to Standard please?

    The Post Formats support page only tells you how to do this for a new post.

    The blog I need help with is



    On you’re using The Columnist. The Columnist doesn’t support any alternative post formats. Are you talking about a different blog? If not, did you create the post via “New Post” (grey admin bar, top right)?


    Thanks for your reply. All of my other posts are Standard format. It’s just one post that has come out as an Aside. As far as I recall I created it in the same way as I did all of the other posts, through the Blog Admin/All Posts/New Post sidebar on the left. I know there’s a sort of ‘simple’ new post button somewhere but I don’t use it.

    In the end I don’t think it matters as it’s displaying perfectly well and doesn’t look any different to the other posts. I just wasn’t sure what the difference was, if any, or if I was missing something important. I’ll just leave it if I can’t or don’t need to change it.



    Since The Columnist doesn’t support post formats, the post in question must have been created via the “New Post” button (which you shouldn’t use, because it’s buggy: your content may disappear upon publish).
    If The Columnist supported post formats, you would change the format in Posts > All Posts: click Edit, select preferred format in the Format module of the post editor, click Update; or (faster) click Quick Edit, select format from the pulldown, click Update.
    But in your case, to correct the post you should temporarily switch to a theme that supports post formats, correct the post as explained, then switch back to The Columnist.


    I guess I may have unwittingly tried the New Post button when I started this particular post, although I don’t recall doing so.

    I generally use Posts / All Posts / Add New and none of my other posts have the ‘Aside’ label against them. Also when I go into Edit I do not get the choice of changing the format in the pull down menu.

    As I say though, it doesn’t seem to be making any difference so I’m going to leave it for now.

    Thank you for your comments.



    You’re welcome.
    “Also when I go into Edit I do not get the choice of changing the format in the pull down menu.”
    I explained this above: you don’t, because the theme doesn’t support it. On several other themes you would.

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