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    One of my recent posts had some problems with formatting once previewed/published.
    Here is a link to the post in question:

    If you notice, I had to start each paragraph with a line of periods …………………………………………..
    Without the periods, the text would extend into the photo sections (random sentences would be placed between photos, or to the right of the photos, making a long and narrow column).

    This has never been an issue before. The html is clean and organized, so I’m stumped. Any advice is appreciated :)

    Thanks in advance,

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Nik,
    Have you resolved this issue? I can’t replicate it. I put this Paperpunch theme up on my test blog and did not experience what you describe. BTW to create a blank line you can enter the HTML editor and insert this. Note the space following the “r” and before the “/”

    <br />


    Change the image alignment from Left to None (left means text-wrap, none means no text-wrap).


    Alright, so I’ve been having the same problem over and over and am getting frustrated in not knowing how to figure out the formatting for spaces. I know that adding in the
    tag should work, but it isn’t. I’ve tried the

     tag and that also doesn't allow me to have the spaces I'd like.  Is there something that I can do to make this easy for writing in my posts? 
    My blog is if that helps, but I'm thinking I need to change something in the css.  Any ideas?  
    Thanks in advance


    Thanks for the tips. I’ll try Alignment>none for my next post.
    The text wrap has never been a problem before…although, I don’t think I’ve ever alternated between text and photos in a post. I’ve always posted text first, then photos.

    Thanks :)



    insert blank span between you photos and the following paragraph in HTML mode, use this:

    that will insert a blank space between your photos and the following paragraph



    Thanks for the tips.


    Thank you Allanas!! That was so helpful

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