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    I wrote a post, saved it as a draft. now that after publishing, the post seems to be empty. only heading appears. I could not see the draft too. Also, I am facing ‘page cannot be displayed’ error once in a while.



    If you have a blog (your forgot to post a url) and you cannot locate the post as a draft here -> Manage -> Posts then I’m afraid that you will have to do it again.


    yes i do have a blog. and again yes i couldnot get tat post in Manage-> posts!

    Oops, i did spend lot of time on that, gosh! also i’m afraid that i will lose some information which i thought i’ve saved in blog :(

    is there anyway to get that back? I think some upgradation / release is happening, huh!



    No there is no way to retrieve it. This is why it’s a good idea to use an off-line blog editor like Windows Live Writer or Blogdesk, etc. Then you always have a back-up. And yes and upgrade is going on and problems are arising.
    free, open source off-line blog editor


    OMG! thought wordpress was cooler than most other sites. now, am pissed off :(


    thanks for ur quick replies and suggestion, timethief!



    I don’t understand why you would feel this way. There are over a million bloggers and surely they cannot expect staff to fish out individual posts for them in the midst of a system upgrade. There is a possibility that if you wait until the problems are sorted that you may get the post back. Why not wait and see?

    The autosave usually does it’s thing every 5 minutes. If wait and then you check -> Manage -> Posts and under Status select drafts then click Filter – maybe it will be there and maybe not. But there’s nothing more that volunteers can do for you on this.


    hmm, i’ve started waiting already!
    i’ve already searched mydashboard fully. no luck :( only the heading is there. anyways lemme wait n see.



    I’m sorry this happened to you. :(
    I would be tempted to start again from scratch myself.




    In future, just before you hit “Publish” select all the contents of the write post box, then hit Copy (Control-C on my computer). Then, while everything is still highlighted, hit Publish. It seems to force things through whenever that weird problem creeps up on you. and even if it doesn’t work, you’ve got the whole post on your clipboard, so you can just hit Edit and paste it in again.



    I just did the same thing, although I wasn’t publishing it. I lost part of what I was doing. I have starting saving every few lines now.

    Hope it works out for you

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