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    I’m trying to set up my blog using the Oxygen theme, and I’ve selected the showcase template as my static front page. The showcase template is supposed to have a featured post slider on it which shows sticky posts, but it’s not showing up. Neither is the featured image slider. When I change to another theme, then change back to Oxygen the featured post slider shows up for a few minutes, then goes away. But I can’t get the featured image slider to show up at all.

    What am I doing wrong?

    The blog I need help with is



    Showcase page template
    When you first activate Oxygen, you’ll see your posts in a traditional blog format but if you’d like to showcase your content in an online magazine-like fashion, then you can use the Showcase Page template.

    The Showcase Page template offers a featured slider for Sticky Posts. To use the template, create or edit a page, and assign it to the Showcase Page template from the Page Attributes module. If you’d like use the Showcase Page template on your front page, go to Settings → Reading and set the Front page option to Static Page. Select the page you just assigned the Showcase Page template to as your front page and then choose another page to serve as your blog page.



    P.S. I see the slider on your blog and assume you have resolved this now.


    Yes, I deleted and re-uploaded the featured photos from my computer and not from the gallery. That seemed to do the trick. Thanks, Timethief!



    You’re wlecome and BTW I think your blog looks lovely. Best wishes with it. :)



    @ timethief
    Good find. Sliders and attempted to paint the system does not allow me posting an image of 750 pixels., Look what happens here
    Thanks for help


    I’m having the same issue with my blog…so does it not work if the image is too big or too small? Ahh so confused. I had a slider before I switched themes and now only a couple sticky posts are showing up…I don’t know why. I tried deleting and re-uploading the featured images from my computer too, but it didn’t work..



    Select the fullsized image and click “Set featured image”. Make sure the sticky post settings has been selected. See the guide here please >
    Sticky post thumbnails are 750 pixels wide in the featured slider
    Regular post thumbnails are 450 pixels wide



    Please post an active link starting with http:// to the blog in question.


    Oops. Here’s my blog link: http://



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    Hi timethief,

    Can I not get rid of the featured image on top of each Recent article? (recent article section on the home page)



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