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    Hi everyone,
    How can I put all the comments in the home page (above of my entry)?
    For example:
    Thanks a lot !



    Do you mean that:

    a) you want comments to appear before posts?
    (this would require the custom CSS upgrade)

    b) you are having trouble posting comments on your own blog?
    (check your akismet spam folder)



    I believe that the commenter who left #6 on that link is asking to post comments on the main page of the blog. Visitors do not have that ability with the themes that we have here as that would requires the comment forum to be included under every post on the home page. If the visitor clicks on the comment link on teh home page, they are delivered to the comment form on the individual Post page.

    Thats pretty much standard for most blogging systems. The only thing I’ve seen different is Donncha’s old blog design that would list the last two (?) comments under each post on the home page.

    Gotta admit that the idea of ten comments forms on teh home page making most folk’s home page even longer than some that I’ve seen recently (we had a 6.2 meg home page yesterday) kind of scares me.

    Hope this helps,


    Yes, I need post comments on the main page.
    And Yeap, I need a CSS upgrade.
    Thanks your help. !!!



    This thread contains all the links to info on css customization



    The CSS upgrade will not allow you to post comments on the home page. You would have to be able to edit the theme files and, since we’re on a shared environment, you’re not allowed to do that or you would be changing the files for everybody.

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