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  1. Hi :D.

    I'm pretty new to wordpress... and blogging for that matter. I've had a few blogs here and there, but nothing really big. I've seen many wordpress websites/blogs and i've decided to give it a go. Anyway, I've made a few pages in my blog. I'm wondering, how can I decide which page to put a specific post in? Like, when I make a post... it is automatically put in the home page. I'd like to be able to choose what page my post goes in though. How could I do this? Is it possible? (I think i've seen it done)

  2. You can't post blog entries to pages. Pages are stand alone web pages that you can create, but aren't directly related to blog entries. So you can make a Page for "About Me", "Contact Me", etc.

    Your posts can be put into categories and then readers can navigate through your categories (if you add it as a widget) to read your blog entries.

  3. Ohh... Thanks for helping.

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