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Post Info/Formatting (Posted By, Tags, etc.)

  1. I just did my first post and under the post "Title" it states who posted it, that Tags I used associated with it and that Comments OFF (etc.). Is it possible to set the Post settings to just show the date and Title of the post and not all the other information? I have been looking in Settings and Design but can't find it yet....


  2. No, not at without the CSS upgrade. The tags and categories will always show unless you buy the upgrade and know how to hide them. Same goes for comment info.

    Not all themes include the author, however, so check on the Design page for one that does not.

  3. Thank you!
    I will check out the CSS upgrade. I used to do a lot of web development with STYLE sheets and such, so I may be okay.

  4. Okay,I've purchased the CSS Upgrade but don't see where I can edit it to "remove" the post information (such as author, tags, comments off, etc.). I when to Design and see Edit CSS but that has "dummy" information in it. I have viewed the Style Sheet and see all the formatting, but don't see the HTML to edit the post header information (author, tags, comments). Where can I edit this now that I have upgraded to CSS?


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