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  1. rmartinezvlzqz

    Sometimes your post is long and you can really use links to jump to other sections in the same post. How can I do that?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. This support doc explains how to do it:

  3. rmartinezvlzqz


  4. You're welcome ;-)

  5. rmartinezvlzqz

    I have a follow up question. I used the page jumps as suggested and they worked fine. Then I inserted a <!next page> and they stop jumping from one page to another. How do I make page jumps work accross post pages?

  6. What do you mean? Do you mean going from one separate post to another? Can you give us a link to exactly the post you're talking about and describe how you want this to work?

  7. rmartinezvlzqz

    Not different posts, but within one post. I added <!--nextpage--> to a post and page jumps sttoped working. I had to delete the <!--nextpage--> to have the page jumps work. This is the post

    If you like a can re-insert the <!--nextpage--> pagination for you to try.

  8. rmartinezvlzqz

    It is in place right now. Let me know when you see it to delete the <!--nextpage-->.

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