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    I have two blogs on the same account by default. (don’t know how WP knew to do that) I wanted to drop the first blog because of a poor choice of the site address, but learned i am stuck with it.

    I started a new blog from the beginning, but WP linked it to the previous one (Grrr). Tried moving posts/content from one to the other, but NO GO. Decided to manage blogs by changing priority – NO GO. Tried to hide original blog – GO, but now when I make a post to the second blog it instead ends up on the first blog and I cannot get it to the second one.

    Tried to find manage blogs and just delete all postings to the first one – NO GO.
    WP listed at one time both blogs under My Blog, but not anymore.

    How do I solve this?:
    Posting to second blog is placed on the first one.
    How to turn the manage blog device back on to delete postings on the first blog (rendering it empty/mute) so that I use and everyone can find me on the second blog.

    Both blogs are on the same account. I could not avoid that. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is



    Your unique identifier at is the email address you used to create a username account  account with. When you log-in under that username then any and all blogs you register are registered to that username account connected to that email address.

    If you wish you can create another username account. You must be signed out of and you must use a different email address.

    There is a process you can use to transfer the blog in question from the original username account to the new username account. It’s found here >

    However, the problem of having posts appear on the wrong blog is NOT normal behavior and sounds like a “bug” so I suggest you file a support ticket with Staff using this link



    Maybe I am asking the wrong question. I have two blogs link to one account. I assigned the second blog as the primary. I was given an option to hide the first blog and took it. Now under My Blog along the top of the page I do not have two blogs to choose from.

    How can I un-hide the original blog? I want to move posts and design features form the old blog to the new one. Thanks.


    Go to the dash board to “my blogs” and you can “unhide” it there.



    At the top of the page try looking under My Blogs >> Manage Blogs.

    I have never hidden a blog but that is the only place I can think of to look

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