Post is right when I view my page from dashboard but not on actual blog

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    When I view my post from the dashboard, my post looks just like I want it, so I published it. if you click on this link, this is what it looks like when you “view page” from dashboard. null
    And this is how it looks when visiting my

    If you notice, the “view page” has the comment section on the bottom if post but viewing the post on my site, it isn’t and all the formatting is different.

    I hope all these links help. I’m new to blogging and have tried everything including searching all the forums and help guides……

    I would really appreciate some advice!!! Thanks in advance!!

    The blog I need help with is


    First link shows it correctly, but when you click on my website at the bottom, you can see the difference and its not the same…. Would loVE some advice….. Thank you!



    Um, are you aware that affiliate sales are, with a VERY few exceptions, banned here? Something to think about.

    Also, do not copy/paste from Word or some other word processing software. They put in all kinds of junk code you can’t see that messes up your formatting. If you MUST compose outside the Write Post box, use a blog editor like Blogdesk or Windows Live Writer. That will retain your formatting.


    @raincoaster…… No I do not copy or paste from anywhere, I just type directly on the dashboard, edit post section, so not sure why the format is different:-)
    About the affiliate, I was not sure what that was, until reading this post. But Now I understand that the restrictions apply for people trying to make money on there blog??? I know that is not the case with me, just a mom sharing things I use. Quick question though, not sure if this would be under affiliate or not, but there are things I use, like Ibotta and Nomorerack that I have the Apps for that I personally use all the time when purchasing groceries and things for my family. When using the App, there is a share button which I use to tell some of my friends about….. This is also how I shared the info I put on my blog….. I was excited about these particular apps, that I wanted to share. That wouldn’t be affiliated sales right? Thank you for your reply:-))



    The links you use appear to contain an affiliate ID, eg . If this is not the case, then I apologize.


    Well I’m glad you pointed that out because if sharing information from my personal App is considered an affiliate, I can just go to the actual site and copy the URL. I didn’t realize that when I “shared” the information, it was linked to me with an ID number. My point in sharing is to help other people, not help me! I use my iPhone more in posting rather than my computer out of convenience most of the time. I really appreciate your input! I just started my blog so I am learning new things everyday! If you know anything I can try with the formatting, let me know:-) I do change the size of the text in a drop down menu (preformatted, paragraph, header 1, 2, 3, etc….) Not sure if that would be the reason for the problem?

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