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Post, Link, and Sidebar title colors...

  1. I need help with the CSS for changing the colors of the following items on my blog at:

    The first is the Post titles, they are currently cream in color, and turn orange on hover.

    The second is the normal links on the blog. They are orange in color and turn grey and underlined on hover.

    The third is for the widget headers on the sidebar to the right. They are also cream in color.

    What are the CSS codes to change these three things? I don't have the specific colors in mind yet and plan on messing around with them.

    Any help is appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. the sidebar headers I guess are just bold font? i was looking through a post and noticed words I made bold also turned to the cream color.

    either way, I'm looking to be able to alter this color

  3. Install Firebug and you can mess around with more than just title colors.

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