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    When I tweet a link to my blog post (regardless whether it’s a full link OR a short version of it) it always says post’s title and then “By FriendlyFashionUK @FF_UK” when it should by BY JOLITA JEWELLERY @jolitajewellery.

    Anyone had this issue? I’ve been searching everywhere connecting and re-connecting my twitter account (jolitajewellery) to sharing – nothing helps.

    Thanks a lot in advance!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Jolita,

    How do you tweet your links?




    How to Add a Tweet Button With Your Twitter Username in



    On second thought maybe you are experiencing a different issue. Have you tried disabling it exactly it where you connected it > Dashboard > Settings > Sharing
    Please try reconnecting with Twitter following this guide:


    Hi Julia,

    I tried various options. I tweeted via bitly, I tweeted via WP shortening service, I tweeted the full link as it is straight from the blog – still the same issue.

    Dear Timethief,

    Thanks for responding too! Will check your link on reconnecting.

    Many thanks!



    If you used publicize then after you disconnect one account and connect another account it may take awhile for the Twitter folks to clear their caches.


    thanks very much @timethief! Will try to check if that work.


    Waited entire day, Twitter account disconnected from blog – still tweeting WordPress link on FriendlyFashion UK behalf….anyone else got any ideas why this is happening?



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    Thank You so much! I really appreciate your help:)



    The name is cached via Twitter for an indefinite amount of time that we have no control over.

    First, reconnect following this guide:

    That will fix the issue, but it won’t be apparent until Twitter updates their cache.


    Thanks @macmanx, I actually never had my twitter account connected to twitter (only recently found out you can do that), so am puzzled why it’s tweeting from some other account.
    And maybe a silly question…but how often does Twitter update their cache? I haven’t tracked how long this issue has been going on, but I’d assume for quite a while…
    Thank you!



    I don’t know how often Twitter updates its cache. I’d guess a week, but ultimately we have no control over that.


    I see. I do have a suspicion though it’s not a Twitter issue somehow…I might be wrong, but I checked back at a post I tweeted in August and it still is going out on behalf this other account.

    I didn’t even have it connected to Twitter, I usually copy and paste the link from the post into tweet and that’s it…..



    Existing Tweets will not be changed. You’ll only see the change in new tweets posted after their cache is clear.


    Thanks @macmanx, I do understand that. So you mean this is relevant even if I haven’t had my Twitter account connected to my blog? I never posted to Twitter straight from the blog. I just copy and paste the post link into Twitter.



    At one time, a link was posted via that name, so their cache connected it.

    I don’t work for Twitter, so that’s really all the details that I have access to.


    Thank you



    You’re welcome!

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