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    Hi, I’ve been experimenting with different themes and for the first time, I noticed that at the end of my posts I have links pointing to a previous post or the one following in logical order. At least, WP seems to think it knows better than I do, LOL. Sometimes that is fine, other times the end link points to the wrong post, not where I want it to go. Is there any way to tweak the code to “force” a link to point wherever you want it to lead?

    I was using an older theme and didn’t notice this happening until I tried to update my look. I gather that most if not all the newer themes have “automatic” post links.

    Thanks in advance for any advice!

    The blog I need help with is



    Need to know your blog address and also if it is a wordpress.COM blog or a self hosted wordpress.ORG self hosted blog.



    OK….I keep forgetting that the dropdown on the posting box doesn’t seem to work.



    The only time the software changes links is if they are restricted codes. It strips those out but that doesn’t sound like what you describe. See >

    This is how you make links in posts and pages >

    Another possibility re: the links is that you are copying and pasting (example: form microsogt word) without clicking the kitchen sink icon at then end of Row 1 in the visual editor, and then using icon 5 (paste as plain text) or 6 (pasted from word), and pasting the text into the pop-up box so extraneous code can be stripped from it. See here >

    Check to make sure you have this enabled > Dashboard > Settings > Writing
    ___ WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically
    Save Changes



    Well…Here is a perfect example. This page, in “Fiction” –

    should point toward this one –

    instead of –

    And there are some other really confusing “automatic” links. Plus, you will see that I’ve been inserting my own “homemade” links because the older theme didn’t have the “automatic” ones.

    Koi is my favorite newer theme thus far, my only issue with it is the links problem.

    ASAP i will check out your advice and we’ll see what happens! Thanks



    Yeah, I’m finding it pretty easy to create links, insert images, etc. It’s the automatic ones that *come with* a theme that have been puzzling me.



    Seems like you should contact staff; they’ll need to fix it


    Why “should” point toward instead of ? The first one is the first post published on the 21st, so of course it points to the next post published on the 21st, not to a post published on the 18th.

    What you’re calling automatic links are the navigation links to previous and next posts. Previous and next means according to date and time published. If some posts are out of the order you want them to be, you need to edit them and change their date and/or time stamp. Click “Posts” in your dashboard sidebar and you’ll see the complete list of your posts in reverse chronological order. See which ones are out of sequence, hover under their title, click Quick Edit, change date/time, click Update.



    My mistake: I obviously didn’t read closely enough. It seemed to me the automatic links were going to archive pages, not the actual next posts.


    @rain: Very easy to get confused in this case. What the OP has done with the blog doesn’t really make sense.

    @ladyaeolusia: You need to take advantage of this too:



    Yeah, I was thinking about that too, the DATES are prolly the reason my story chapter nav links don’t always point in the right direction. Yes, PANAG, I agree that what I would most likely need to do would be, to change the time and date stamps.

    I have one or two posts which don’t really have a title, I was wondering whether the lack of a title might affect the links, but maybe not.

    What I am visualizing for this project is a website type of blog on which dates and times are not relevant at all…pretty simple vision, really. :-)


    a) Not probably, not likely: definitely!

    b) Title or no title is absolutely irrelevant: the important thing is the post URL, not the actual title. When you add no title, the post URL automatically adopts a number in place of the title (note the 139 in the first URL you pasted).

    c) Yes I understand, but a blog is chronologically structured by definition. If you want no date on each chapter, you should publish pages instead of posts. But posts allow you to take advantage of the previous/next nav tabs, so you simply have to correct the date/time stamp of the misfits.

    The inconvenient thing at the moment is that a visitor has to click “Fiction”, then click “Novels” on that page, then click “Hide and Seek”… Not at all user-friendly. That’s why I suggested you create a custom menu: you can have that hierarchy as a dropdown instead of all that clicking away. A better alternative might be something like a sitemap: create a page with links to all your posts (check mine for an example: ).



    Here’s a link I found that more clearly defines what I meant, but this can only be done via dot ORG:

    (b) Yep, I noticed that… *grin*

    (c) Understood too, and that was the original reason I chose to make “posts” of chapters rather than “pages.” So that I could categorize, as well as not showing every single one of my files on the front page menu.

    Sitemapping, something I know nothing about but, it’s time I learned! :-)

    The pattern of clicking thru different pages like I currently have, is a throwback to my old circa 2004 website (drawn up entirely by hand, wonky “antiquated” html and all, LOL). I’ve seen other sites laid out that way and kinda followed their lead for better or worse. What I need now is to move to a system like WP where most of the html is taken care of for me, as I am no expert and never will be…

    List-of-posts, that sounds like a good idea! Well, let’s see…



    Um, yeah, I see where you’re going… I do have a Chapter Index page for the huge novel written by me and an author/pal of mine, so I’m no stranger to pasting links. This blogsite of mine will contain not only that but another novella plus short stories by various authors and poetry sections. So should I consider a page that contains links to all of these, like an outline to all and sundry? And call it “List of Posts”? Mkay…



    In you can only remove the time stamp if you buy the CSS upgrade.

    Yes, I think you should consider creating a page with links to everything; no, don’t call it List of Posts, call it Index or whatever will be a reasonable title for your material.



    Call it Table of Contents! That’s more literary.

    Word of warning: while pages are the most natural way to get what you want, they have far less status in the eyes of search engines than posts do. You will not be as Googleable as if you’d gone with Posts. You could, in Posts, simply add a link at the bottom left to Previous Chapter and bottom right to Next Chapter, but you’ll still have those Previous Posts and Next Posts buttons that adds automatically. You could presumably hide them with the CSS upgrade IF you knew CSS well already.



    Yeah, and unfortunately CSS and I have had quite a tussle, I’ve pulled my hair over it and can just barely figure out website layouts….*grin*

    Table Of Contents it is! We do need to be literary on a reading site, so that’s the title for me.

    I’m deciding on links pages right now, and since I have a big list of short stories by Other Authors, I still wonder whether our big extravaganza Novel ought to just have a page of links all its own. I mean, this tome will probably have 80 chapters once complete. And each chapter actually has a title! 8-D

    Meanwhile, I have been cutting back on so much clicking, I’ll show you what i mean as soon as things start to come together a little better. ;-)

    And the Other Authors need their own page. So do the poets…the fangirls as well as the classical guys…

    Quite the big spread here! LOL



    What you may want to consider is one Uber-Blog, the entry point with a static page as the landing page, and links to each of the sub-areas, each of which would be on a different blog: Novel, Author areas, etc.

    It almost sounds at this point like you’d be best to get an independent WP install, or maybe even Drupal, depending on how big you intend this to be. Be aware that they are MUCH more complicated to deal with, but way more adaptable.



    Actually, I do have an independent WP dot org on a subdomain which is part of a friend’s paid domain. I had started here about a year ago. Couldn’t wrap my brain around WP’s concepts at the time, AND had not fully formed my vision of what I really needed to do with it. Now I have! But I went back to my free webhosting service which I’d used for a long time for the whole site. When troubles developed there, my friend said she could host me. She has installed not only but also Joomla, which like Drupal, I know nothing about and need some free time to learn. I started having troubles on her subdomain too. The reason finally turned out to be a cookies problem which was rather simple to fix. NOW, I’m sort of diddling with copying and pasting all posts and pages over to Dot Org. But it’s really time consuming! But maybe, safer than the process described online on pages that explain the means of moving data?

    I also find that is a little faster. I have dialup and so, of course every little bit of speed helps!! seems to run slower. Or maybe my pal was online at the same time and doing something that slowed it down.

    I like the interface here better, too, simpler to use.

    “Great minds work together,” raincoaster, you had the same ‘notion’ that crossed my mind, linking several Blogs together to possibly make my job easier… On my original site I had almost 200 pages, so yeah, big project trying to create a “new and improved” version.

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