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Post links that point to the wrong posts

  1. For one thing, I like the convenient dashboard tabs on top of each page here, even on the forum. You don't have that on dot Org! I have to keep hitting the back arrow to find my dashboard there. ;-)

  2. There's a plugin we use on wordpress.ORG installs that provides a navigation bar that gives us access from the front page of our blogs to all Admin function in the blog with a simple click.
    1. Quickly access your favorite pages or administration options
    2. Display handy information like latest comments and visitor

    That plugin has not been installed on this wordpress.COM mult-user blogging platform so we all have access to it, and we cannot install individual plugins into our blogs.

  3. Ah, I see!!

    A bit of good news! In futzing around here, I realized that in putting things to rights on dot ORG I really should not have a big problem after there really are only about 20 pages that have links that are jumping me back over to dot com. As for story chapters, they will be fine since the nav links take care of things.

    The links work now, I understand the date/time stamp just has to be "watched." A little fix on one or two of my posts and all was well. And I won't be using any more "Older" themes that don't contain those nav links. They do save a ton of unwanted hard labor!

    So, with a bit of tweaking, all should be good...

  4. I'm glad to hear you have a solution. Best wishes with your blog.

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