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Post Meta-Data and Amazon

  1. If these capabilities are disallowed for a specific reason, or are available as an upgrade, please just let me know. :)

    I'm not particularly new to WordPress software, but I decided to try out hosting; I noticed that I could not add any sort of custom meta-data/fields to posts and I find this is really restricting. The new theme, Oulipo, making having this capability very attractive since I'd be able to add stuff like "Mood", "What I'm Listening To", and "Sources Cited" right into the sidebar. I would really like to have this capability so I can get the most out of my personal blog.

    My second request involves Amazon. I read a lot of books and like to recommend certain science and math books that I think are approachable by the masses. I'm hoping to get some sort of widget that works nicely with Amazon services. Most preferrably, I'd like to be able to use my referral account (I'm not banking on making any sort of cash here, and even Amazon spells out that the sort of account I have is made for hobbyists, not merchanting) - but just having a stable and post-embeddable widget that lets me pull up book data and images based on titles/ISBNs would be excellent too.

  2. @tempestwarden
    There's and excellent comparison of wordpress.COM and wordpress.ORG differences prepared by Staff at the following support documentation link. vs. is a hosted blog service. You do not have to download software, pay for hosting or manage a web server. does not permit uploading themes or plugins. is free software. You can install themes and plugins, run ads, and edit the database.

    This is the link to the support documentation entry re: types of blogs allowed and NOT allowed at Please take note of this particular section posted below:

    Affiliate marketing blogs: Blogs with the primary purpose of driving traffic to affiliate programs and get-rich-quick schemes (“Make six figures from home!!”, “20 easy steps to top profits!!”, etc). This includes multi-level marketing (MLM) blogs and pyramid schemes. To be clear, people writing their own original book, movie or game reviews and linking them to Amazon, or people linking to their own products on Etsy do NOT fall into this category.

    It's also important to know that blogs cannot be equiped for ecommerce and those with free blogs being free hosted by are restricted when it comes to advertising. . Please see here > There are also code restrictions wgich can be viewed here. >

    Provided we are selling ONLY what we ourselves create then we can use contact forms and/or PayPal donation buttons. Please see:

  3. For Amazon we have no such widget, sorry. It almost certainly uses javascript which is not permitted anywhere, even for Amazon.

    Custom fields would not affect the sidebar and a widget there could be edited daily.

  4. All of the widgets of which I'm aware that do what you are asking are javascript based and thus stripped out here for security reasons.

    You could use a text widget, which of course would need manual updating.

    The ONLY upgrade at which would give you the capabilities you're asking for is the VIP upgrade, which currently costs $600 to set up and $600 per month, and that's IF you are accepted into the program. is not like most web hosts: because most of the workings of our blogs are shared with everyone else using a particular theme, security must be much tighter, ruling out javascript, flash and most other embeds.

  5. Alright, thank you. I guess I'll just have to suck it up and post book info manually in text. :)

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