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    I like to post my photos as a stream where each shot takes up the entire space in the post because I don’t like the look of the gallery (see my blog to get an idea of what I mean). I usually post 5-10 shots per post and was wondering if there is a way to insert all the pics at once and have them look that way (where each shot individually takes up the whole width of the post)? Right now I have to manually insert each photo on its own, which seems kind of tedious to me. Perhaps if I use flickr? Thanks for any suggestions/help!

    The blog I need help with is



    There’s no way to do it all at once.


    You can achieve what you’re looking for by uploading and inserting all the images at once as a gallery, then changing the gallery shortcode in the html editor to this:

    [gallery columns="1" size="full"]



    Oh wow, I learn something new every day! Thanks for that.



    Bookmarked! lol :D



    Another possibility is if you post by email to add a special “nogallery” shortcode, which will force the photos to display inline.

    Right now, this only works if you post by email.



    Yes there is a way. Download and install Windows Live Writer (and you only need to do this once) and you’ll have a choice of your image set to appear “Inline” or as “Photo Album” (images inserted as Windows Live photo album). The inline option is what you want and images are automatically uploaded to your media library. No shortcode to mess with and very intuitive.

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