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Post no longer in wordpress post list for the topic

  1. canadianmdinvestor

    Most of my posts are in the investing topic/area.

    The last several posts are not there. It no longer includes them with the new posts for the day.

    HHmmm? Any ideas

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes, you are unintentionally tag spamming by assigning more than a combined total of 10 or fewer Categories and Tags on your posts. . Please check these reasons for non-display > Topics > Missing Posts

  3. thebirdingbunch

    They have changed the allowable number of tags per post. The limit is now ten and a quick look at your blog shows more than that on the first post.

  4. canadianmdinvestor

    Ahhhh, thank you both! Very helpful.

    Now to fix it...

  5. @thebirdingbunch
    Actaully that number has not changed. All that changed is that the term "global tags" was replaced with "topics" in the support ducumentation.

  6. @canadianmdinvestor
    This may be useful or not.
    Bulk Actions - If you have a lot of tags that you want to delete, you can use the bulk actions feature. Select each tag you want to delete using the checkbox to the left of the tag name.

  7. canadianmdinvestor

    Thanks, I just edited the affected posts.

    I will try & pay attention to the 10 tag rule.

    Tag-spammer what a term...

  8. There are actually two terms and the other one is spamdexer. lol :D

    Note that Google search spiders are focused on keywords found in content, not in tags. and the reason for that is tag spamming. Some folks use every tag they can think of related or unrelated and there was so much tag spamming going on that search spiders are now focused on keywords that naturally occur in the content. When they detect tags that do not appear in the content they COUGH ... see here and watch what Matt Cutts of Google says in the video Revisting Keywords and Tags

  9. Should we stop using tags then?

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