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    I have been trying to post on a particular blog all day and it will not post my comments. It is a fairly lengthy post but there are post from others on there just as long. I finally learned to copy my text before submitting b/c it will erase what I tried to post when I hit “Back”. When I go to post it again though, it says it is a duplicate. How can it be a duplicate if it never posted?! I can get really short post to go through, but not a longer one (by longer, i mean like 15 lines). Any suggestions?



    Are these comments you’re leaving on other people’s blogs, or on your own blog? Because the author is probably just moderating comments; some themes will show you your reply while it’s waiting to be approved, but not all of them. If it’s been a few hours and you still don’t see the comment, it might have gone to the author’s spam folder, in which case you could send a polite email to check.

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