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Post not publishing

  1. Been trying to publish a post but publish button doesn't seem to work. Incase you are wondering if there is a spam material or anything funny on the post, such isn't the case. I block quoted myself, did the occassional "em" and it's not even as long as my usual posts. Still, the best i could do seems to be save it in drafts. Even that, i had to do and redo it like ten times. If i hit the publish button, it ends up giving me an error message after an attempt of about 10 minutes.

    Is this happening to all, or just me? Does a free WordPress account have space limit or something?

  2. It's not just you:

    There IS a space limit for free wordpress uploads, but not for text. And I've got over 700 images uploaded and still virtually 99% of my space still available. It's not that, whatever it is.

    Browser and version, please?

  3. I'm using Explorer, oldest version (i think), but have tried to publish through Mozzilla Firefox as well. No luck! We have sort of an electricity shortage around here. Are actually using a generator even as I type. Could that be it? If so, how come i can post all these questions and go through everything in my blog except manage to publish a tiny post?

  4. I think there's a problem on WP's end of things. Try to contact staff through your dashboard and then give up for awhile to see if they fix it. Give them total details and a link to the post.

  5. The kind of connection you need to post something in the Dashboard (a http-POST, actually) is quite unreliable for me too. I think this will be okay after some fine tuning on's part.

  6. Can't even save it anymore. Wow! Anywho, guys, thank you so much for your help! I'll contact give it some time and try again!

  7. Yeah. it's a pain. I'm getting 503 errors, which tells me that they did some less trivial changes and need to adjust the server architecture.

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