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    I schedule all of my posts to be published at 9pm every night.
    Recently, I find my posts being published late.
    My July 6, 2012 post was published at 11pm…
    I’d like to know if there’s a problem with or if it’s just me.
    (I triple check my post to make sure they are all set to 21 : 00)

    Thanks in advance! ^_^

    I started using last week and I’m having fun with it. ^_^
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    I seem to be running into the same problem. I have my posts scheduled at 8am; however when I view my posts in my dashboard they have always missed the schedule and won’t publish even if I sign out and view my blog to get a “first view”. I’ve tried the troubleshooting suggestions from the help section, and my timezone is correct + my post is scheduled vs draft: I can’t seem to think of anything else….

    thanks in advance!



    Scheduled posts don’t actually appear until someone visits the blog after the scheduled time of publication. See here please >



    I have already tried logging out and viewing my page to no avail



    This thread is flagged for Staff attention. Please be patient while waiting and p-lease do not post into other threads on the same issue.



    “Scheduled posts don’t actually appear until someone visits the blog after the scheduled time of publication”
    booo.. haha

    And yes, timethief, I’ll wait for their ( staff’s) update on the matter. Didn’t help at all.
    Searching the forums got me a lot of irrelevant results, though..
    I hope it gets fixed soon ’cause by scheduling post to be published on the right time is ‘good’ (a post is published on my Facebook and twitter account.. and delay is certainly a no-no.)

    I hope more info comes soon.



    Is your timezone set correctly via Settings -> General in your blog’s Dashboard?



    Yes, the timezone’s correctly set.. :/



    Ok, the next time this happens, would you please try visiting the blog after clearing your browser’s cookies and cache?

    If that doesn’t help, it’s possible that the scheduled posts are just backed up (there are 31,233,382 blogs here as of this moment). Scheduling for a slightly more obscure time, like 9:12 pm, may help.



    My timezone is correct and I have cleared my browser and cache, but posts scheduled to publish 24 hours ago are still not showing up :-s….



    The test post you made is listed as “Missed schedule”

    Once this happens, the issue is irrecoverable, and you’ll need to post it manually.



    But anybody can fix this problem?it’s incredible!



    Ok, this was a bit more than standard delay, and we have fixed it now. The issue shouldn’t happen again (apart from normal delay and a visitor needing to view the blog before the scheduled post is actually published).



    I need to get folks visiting my blog soon! As of yet, none of my posts will publish on time because I have only one or two readers a day. Hey! Hey! Read me!



    Will you please post an active link starting with http:// to the blog you are experiencing this issue on?



    If my readership was that low, I wouldn’t schedule posts. The risk is too great. Post them live.


    Hey, I’m having the same problem. It’s been happening to me now for over a week. I looked this morning again and I had to manually publish it, because it missed its scheduled time. I was reading the tips earlier and I’m not sure how to do those things on a mac.



    I’ve discovered this same issue with scheduled posts. My blog is new and made the choice to use wordpress due to high ratings, features, support, and of course the scheduling of posts at given time. Now a key feature is broken (for months it seems) and can’t find any staff support to solve the issue

    Even if the triggering is required, why doesn’t it simply activate eventually?! Why does the post move to MISSED SCHEDULE !!

    I’ve made 4 posts in a row, scheduled 5 mins apart
    Waited till after the schedule time, then load the blog from another browser like IE, or another PC (so no cookie issues)
    NOTHING shows up

    I’ve just read many other threads of users with this problem, and the usual suggestion of has either already been followed correctly, or makes no difference

    Someone has suggested this is the correct staff monitored thread for this issue – there appears to be no responses or any resolution in the last 10 days. I may have to create my own thread to get some due attention to solving this.

    My blog is going live August 1st, and providing scheduled daily updates is key. Hope someone cares to do something… or will result in taking blog elsewhere, and the potential for 2 month trial to become a paying customer with premium features walks away, severely burned off



    same problem


    Successfully scheduled and post and it published on time
    Hope the solution sticks, as I will use this feature every day for the next 60!

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