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post not scrolling on home page

  1. Hi, I am new to wordpress and have activated the Origin theme. I have been exploring its different features and have created a post but it does not show in full on the home page but only just the title. I would like the latest post to show in full, scrolling down so that the images can be seen?

    any help would be much appreciated. Many thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. In order to display a full post you will have to use the active excerpt box. See here for instructions >

  3. Hi, thanks, i've looked at this link and its appears to enable you to shorten a post on home page but i can't see what i need to do to have the full post showing or does the "Origin" theme not let you do that?

    many thanks

  4. If you type the whole post into the editor box and then copy and paste the whole post into the excerpt box and publish the post then and only then will the whole post appear on the front page of the blog.

  5. You need to copypaste the whole post from the HTML editor into the Excerpt box.

  6. Very well, but what about blogs with several hundred past entries?... I would've appreciated had the theme description mentioned that this theme will trim them, and there's no way to set it otherwise with a few clicks... I am just wondering why this option isn't optional...

  7. The theme that you are using was designed by an independent theme designer. He designed it with the look and features he wanted in his theme. One of those features was the excerpted posts on the main page.

    The number of themes here with excerpts on the main page is tiny in comparison to those that show the full post, so you can always choose a different theme.

    To see which have excerpts and which do not, you can view the demos of themes you are attracted to at .

  8. Yes, you are absolutely correct, only, I'd have appreciated having been warned about this in advance. I really don't quite see why this feature isn't optional, even if the theme is for free and has been designed by a third party. So much about complaints, mainly I am disappointed because after ages I found a theme I like very much, and then it made a hot mess of my frontpage...

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