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Post not showing on home page

  1. I just started this blog and have been messing with the options to see how I like the various set-ups. I originally wanted my home page to be a static page, so changed it to be a static page and then had a posts page where all the posts went. However, after work with it for a while, I prefer the look of the posts going to the home page and then to other pages based on their categories. Anyway, I tried to change all the settings back but it's not working. When I post a post, it shows on the categories I've selected but does not show up on my home page.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. See here please It sounds like you might have failed to create a page for posts to be displayed on.

  3. I have one page titled "home" and then a custom menu so my posts are posted according to categories. They are posting in teh categories section but not on the main home page.

  4. Pages are static and are for content that rarely changes. They sit outside of the blog structure and you cannot post to multiple pages in any blog.

    There is only one main page for posts in a blog and all posts will display on the main blog page. There is no way to exclude posts from the main posts (blog) page. By default the front page of the blog "Home" will display your posts (not pages) in reverse chronological order, with the most recently published post on top. If you do not want all the posts to show on the front page, then you can create a static front page “Welcome” for your site and a “Blog” page for posts.
    Choice 1 static front page
    Choice 2 running page for all posts on front page
    Which do yo choose? It’s one or the other.
    If you choose a static front page then you have to create two pages as I said above. After you do that you go to > Settings > Reading and make the designation change and click “save changes”.

    Go to > Settings > reading and select
    Front page displays
    __Your latest posts
    click "save changes"

    Though there is only one dynamic page in a blog for posts and we cannot post to more than that one page, we can create the appearance that we have posted to more than one page. We organize posts by assigning categories to them. You can either put the categories widget into the sidebar, or you can create a custom menu and add the dynamic categories pages created by the software into the custom menu.

    Here’s a link to a custom menu walkthrough >

    There are many common errors, misunderstanding and misconceptions when creating custom menus and you can read about them here >

    The most common error is bloggers thinking they can create static page and label it as a category and then expect to see the page automatically update. That's not possible. Only the dynamic Categories pages created by the software will automatically update.

  5. I'm sure I have something messed up and I'll look at the links you provided above.

    I know the terms I am using are probably not correct - as I am very new to this.

  6. Hi there,
    Do this first:
    Go to > Settings > reading and select
    Front page displays
    __Your latest posts
    click "save changes"

    Then go here >

  7. okay, when I click on the top of the page - the header? - that says "Bored in North Dakota" I see both my posts. Then there is a menu on top that just says "Makeovers" and when I click on it - I see just the one post I want too. All this is good! But, is there a way to put a "home" on the menu so people can click on that instead of the "bored in north dakota" on the header?

  8. Yes there is a way, and it's explained in the post timethief linked to:

  9. im new to and just started a fashion blog. when i posted a photo with a comment the comment comes up on the page but not the photo? ? i have tried everything from restarting my computer, to reinstalling firefox. i dont know what to do or what ive done wrong???
    please help me! gahh xx

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