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Post not showing under tags

  1. Hey guys, wondering if anyone can help, my recent post isn't showing under the global tags, so I wanted to check and see if I'm doing anything wrong - my previous posts showed up just fine. The post in question lives here. I've used the same tags as before, which I copied from similar posts and subject matter I've seen on the site. The only thing I can think of is that I've made 3 separate posts in a relatively short period of time. Would that have a bearing on it? Thanks for any help you can offer.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. Does this help?

    If not, could you be more specific please? Which tag are you talking about?

  3. Hya, thanks for responding, but I already read that support info and don't think I've done anything on there that would warrant a missing post. The post in question is not showing up under *any* of the tags it was listed under, so I'm wondering if it's been flagged as mature...

  4. @ailsapm
    Your post is showing up under autumn but I don't have time to check the other Tags. What I do know is that posts display in date stamp order and there are so many posts being published that they are pushed off the front page by new ones very quickly on the most popular tags pages.

  5. Oooh, squeak, it's actually showing as a featured post under autumn. Thanks for checking, timethief. I figured it was published in order, which is why I asked, because under most of the tags (except the one where it's featured) I can go through the listings to my previous posts, but this one doesn't show up as a more recent post. I'm fairly new to wordpress so I wanted to make sure I wasn't unwittingly incurring the wrath of the wordpress gods :)))

  6. Hello again,
    I was happy to find it displaying there as it meant your issue was resolved. You're welcome and best wishes with your blog. :)

  7. Guys, I'm having the same issue and it's very frustrating as I've written to the support team several days ago and received no answer. Now I'm having the same problem AGAIN and I can't even find a form to write to the support team this time.
    To say it's frustrating is not to say anything.
    Here is the post

    It has "photography" tag but the post isn't on the global tag page for the tag "photography". The post has less than 10 tags and is not abusing any of the rules.

    I'm starting to think that's it's a special algorithm of the site which prevents the same blogger from appear on the tag search pages too often. I've been posting often and regularly, I guess I just have to post less.

  8. UPD: in fact, two other tags "photos" and "art" are also not working for that post. As these three "photography, photos, art" are the most popular tags among those I used I think it's really a special mechanism/ algorithm of the site for one blogger not to jam the global tag page.
    I don't mind posting less often, I just wished it was an open info(if this is true) so I wouldn't waste so many of good photos which were posted unnoticed.

  9. I suspect that's what happened in my case too, usyaka, The first two posts showed up fine, the third post didn't show up under any tag (it got featured under autumn for a bit so showed at the top of the page, but once it was no longer featured it didn't show up under autumn listings either). However, the good news is, a day later I posted again and it showed up just fine. x

  10. Thank you, ailsapm! Yes, most of my posts also showed up before and I'm sure they will show up the next time.
    It's still quite uncomfortable though to never know if your post will or will not show up. But will see, maybe there will be an answer to that. If I hear anything from support I'll post it here.

  11. Nope, it never started working for me again, neither have I heard back from the support.
    Well, I guess it's just life.

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