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Post not showing up in global tags

  1. My post are not appearing in global tags.

    I do not include more than 10 tags, my blog is not mature, the setting is public, and I don't think I misuse tags so I'm not sure what is wrong. This is happening on both my blogs -- and

    It's a bit irritating as I'm in the middle of a seasonal writing challenge and my posts are not showing up! Arrrrgh. Thanks. Hope you can help.
    Blog url:

  2. We have been making changes to the way the global tag pages operate, so they won't always appear in the global tag pages.

    Also, please note that the more popular global tag pages are randomized.

  3. So what does this mean exactly? Some posts appear under the tag life, for example, and others don't?

    Kind of defeats the purpose of tags if people can't find your blog... and limits who you can find/read.

    Is this permanent?

  4. The tag "life" is a very popular tag. If we didn't randomize the posts shown there, it would be about 5 pages of posts made in the last 2 minutes.

  5. Understand. I'll start using less popular tags and hope people don't start using them. :-)

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