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    Hello. My blog got featured ( recently and I noticed at least one post was missing from the list.

    I’m guessing it’s been marked as mature as this particular post features the kind of stuff that would get it marked as mature, if you see what I mean. I don’t necessarily have an argument with the decision (if that’s the case), but is there any way of finding out for sure without contacting wp support?

    Other posts show up, so I guess the whole blog hasn’t been marked as mature, but without rocking the boat too much, I’d like to know what goes on.

    Thanks in advance ..

    The blog I need help with is


    Staff, as far as I know mark “blogs” as mature. I don’t think they mark posts as mature. It’s all or nothing. If marked as mature, ALL your post would instantly disappear from the tags pages.

    You will have to contact staff directly and give them links to the posts which seem to be missing.



    Okay. I’ll get in touch and post back here as and when my query gets resolved.

    Thanks thesacredpath



    Posts get left off the global tag lists if you use the tags or categories “Porn” or “Sex” is something staff said a couple of years ago. I used them (jokingly) on a post yesterday and that post is not on the global tag pages.



    Just checked the tags on the ‘missing’ post and there’s nothing like that – and no content like that in the post itself either. It’s a strange one.

    Cheers raincoaster. It’s not a big deal but I appreciate your help


    Try this, open that post in the editor, make one change such as adding a space and then deleting it, and then hit the update post button. Wait for perhaps a half-hour and check the tags page again.



    I think I’ve got to the bottom of this. I was under the impression that featured blogs focussed on most-used tags, but it also seems to work on categories. As well as being the name of my blog “expletive undeleted” is also the name of one of two categories within it. The post that was missing from the featured blog list was is in the other category.

    Does that makes sense?

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