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Post one thing that made you happy today :)

  1. Since it's Friday, why not?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I have finally found my dad a Christmas present.

  3. strawberryindigo

    I am alive and healthy and I have the love of my family, what could be better?

  4. I woke up before 3pm

  5. washing my face and putting that nice silky cream on it. (everyday it makes me happy though.)

  6. I stuffed my face at a great Indian restuarant.

  7. Bought a massive 300+ page book on the history of comedy called "Make Em' Laugh" for 4.99.

  8. my package from sweden came and it was really fun to open! :)

  9. I moved into my boyfriend's house!

  10. @dovesgold
    I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed the music. :)

  11. @Anna Gratz Anna

    Hmm, what did I do that made me happy today... Wrote a long ass Post, that was kinda cool... Been doin lotz of short ones lately

  12. My dad asked me, "You okay?"

    He never asks me stuff like that.

  13. @dingle yeah, I don't think my dad has ever asked me that either... but he is a good guy... just a bit on the Vulcan side, lol

  14. A lady at my church gave me $50 to help pay for the school year end feild trip to Washington DC that I want to go to.

  15. I bought 10 hardcover books for $10 at Book Warehouse and I only had time to look on one shelf. I predict another post on this thread in the near future.

  16. A dollar a book! It probably costs more to print! :D

  17. I know. Hence the happiness. :-)

  18. I saw this -
    and amongst I read -
    Quote - 'Remember angels can fly because they take themselves lightly' :)
    I love that.

  19. Pie.

  20. Pitched a column to a website, using some of my blog posts as samples. Got asked if the schedule would work out for me, and I replied in the affirmative. Super pumped.

  21. I realised today that I don't freak out about stuff as much as I used to. It might be the pills, but it still feels wonderful!

  22. @Anna That's awesome

    I fed my cat some Pastrami and Cheddar Cheese, seemed to make his day, big surprise, lol


  23. I saw this -


    @ theinsanityaquarium - glad you are feeling better, merry Christmas :)

  24. My brother phoned and he's feeling much better today. Hooray!

  25. NPR Jingle Jam.

  26. Got The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Century: 1969, which was the last volume I needed to have the whole series so far. I'm a huge Alan Moore geek.

  27. I rarely post recipes on my personal blog but have been feeling too emotional to publish personal development or self improvement posts while I'm grieving. (I've been quietly publishing recipe posts that are inspired by my memories of my mother who just passed away. Today I got some comments on my Christmas Goodies Tins post.

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