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Post one thing that made you happy today :)

  1. readytochangenow

    I hit 10,000 views! Woot.

  2. The laundry is done and I got rid of 6 garbage bags worth of clothes. That means less laundry for me. Yay! (I have no life.)

  3. I bought a new A/C today :P

    Nice thread btw :)

  4. Pakistan won the Asia Cup final. And became the Asian Champion :). Stand up for the champions

  5. I woke up and was really thankful for that !

  6. I got invited to the strangest party in the world by a guy I think is just great, even if his party sounds prety whack!

  7. I visited forums after more than a week. And I'm happy to see no more trolls here. Thanks to everyone for your caring feedback here.

  8. @hnsaifi, welcome back. :)

  9. I work in a university kitchen and it's spring break as of today- Getting a bit of a vacation :D

  10. Thanks Jessie :)

  11. Got the AC fixed after a week of 80 degrees temps. No more sweating while I sleep. Yay!

  12. I've finished the novel Mr. Chips. Yay! Half of the English coarse has done :) But this half constitutes only 30% of the exam. Never mind English is my slave. Chemistry will be tough though.

  13. Oh the noel is in fact "Good bye Mr. Chips" and I still could not understand its theme.

  14. I received a call from my best friend after a year. We had a chat for hours. It made me quite happy :)

  15. Waking in a good mood has made me happy today.

  16. Going home after baby sitting my niece's four brats for two days. (love em really.)

  17. A good friend whom I haven't spoken to some time messaged me about my latest blog post, saying he found it very inspiring. We then started talking about our future plans, and how we may even end up in the same master's program (should the future unwind that way).

    Sharing my experiences and hopes for the future with him and knowing that he actually reads my blog made me very happy.

  18. I managed to prepare a perfect tuna steak, yay!

  19. My six year old nephew asked me what a whore house was. :) whoops! His sister has been watching naughty films me thinks. It made me smile though.

  20. My friend's backyard and her cat...oh that's two - sorry

  21. A quiet morning w/a hot cup of coffee on a cold morning
    and everyone around me is still sound asleep. Me time!

  22. My neighbor came over to help me figure out some sewing instructions and she brought cake!

  23. I made the perfect latte and got to enjoy it in the peace and quiet. In fact, I had a whole day to myself. Can't remember the last time that happened. It was a good day.

  24. I succeeded in contacting three Long Lost Heroes of the Internet (including the guy who invented the greatest website in all of space and time), and in landing an interview with one of the founders of Global Square, and I washed all the dirty pots. I try to do that once a week or so.

  25. I shouldn't be watching my blog stats, but I do because I have enormous blocks of free time (like, most of the time, if you read my Notwork post). I had the most views so far yesterday, and today I have two views from Hungary (which makes me chuckle, since my dad was Hungarian and I traveled there many years ago). I think the driver for the views came from here:

  26. So far today: seeing a Red Kite (bird of prey) just beyond our back garden.

  27. bird, i just watched that new film about birding called "a big year" it was a stellar cast, but the plot was a little flat. i'm sure that birders would love it though. :)

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