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    how do I change the order of my posts

    The blog I need help with is


    Assign them different dates, in the Publish module of the post editor. Other than than, you can’t. Posts are intended to be seen in chronological order from oldest to newest.


    Thanks, that did it. Also a lot of my posts aren’t showing the photos that I uploaded to my media file and then linked to, any ideas?



    Theme description >

    Featured Images
    If you assign a feature image to one of your posts it will display differently depending on which template you are viewing. For instance: on the home page as well as all other pages that display multiple posts, your featured image will appear cropped at 180 pixels wide by 180 pixels tall. In cases where your original uploaded featured image is 610 pixles wide or wider, it will also appear at the very top of single posts and pages.


    For some reason it doesn’t even appear on the other pages, it just shows a dark screen?



    Please post active links starting with http:// o the posts with the missing images so we can examine what’s happening.



    Are the images in the posts the required dimensions? I believe that if you fail to insert a featured image of the correct dimensions required by the theme you get that black box.


    Yes, that’s what is strange. They’re the same photo sizes and all as the others that show up.

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