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  1. enrichingmomentsphotography

    So as some have said, yes maybe make a whole new blog so you have two blogs/ homes.

    them someone said on your static page link or catorgorize your posts to your home/blog page.

    I am still confused even after first going to the support area.

    I am getting that your static pages are more for information, as your home/blog tab is for posts. As I also went and tried...

    though I put in my ( Home link with another title( Devotion reflections) but it just went to my home page) I was thinking I would be able to start a fresh home page routed to my devotions page.

    sorry am not at all technically advanced.

    any ideas.

    then i tried to put a catigory to it and maybe just did it wrong????

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please do not keep posting new threads on the same issue. In another thread I told you this:

    You seem to be attempting to use a blog as a website and the two are quite different. A blog has only one page for dynamic contentt that frequently changes and displays the most recent post at the top.

    At present you have these static pages: Art Corner, Devotions, Guest Book and Slides. If you intend to keep editing and adding to them which will make them grow ever longer and require scrolling then I recommend you consider making them into categories and following the instructions you find here instead
    Note that you will have to switch to using one of the themes in this column, (1) Ok in, rather than the theme you are using now.

    Read that last sentence above in bold lettering again, please. I can see that you did NOT change your theme to one listed in the (1) OK column here and that's why it did not work.

    I'm sorry. I apologize for not being able to provide the kind of support you understand and can follow. I'll just back out now and allow another volunteer to try to help you.

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