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Post password not working for other viewer

  1. I've given my post password to another person, but they are unable to see posts. There are other people I have given the password to and it works for them. Do you know what might be happening to make just one person not able to view it? This person can see my blog, but just can't access the protected posts. This person has also tried to access my blog posts from other computers and has been unable to see them. Could it be something to do with the ISP?

  2. If others can access it, it sounds like to me that they may be using the wrong password.

  3. I'm having the same problem. Some people get access to password-protected pages, and some don't. Does anyone have an idea?

  4. Maybe they're using Safari? It doesn't play nice with WordPress; Firefox or Camino are better, even Opera.

  5. Are they getting some sort of error or...?

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