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Post PermaLink help, please

  1. In the FAQs I don't see how to create PermaLinks. I'm not sure that's what they're called in WordPressland, but what I mean is the ability to send someone a link to a specific post that will be evergreen, forever and ever that link will go to that specific post no matter how many subsequent posts there might be, as opposed to a general link to the top post in the blog. Probably this is easy, but somehow it's eluding me.


  2. The permalinks here are automatically produced when you publish a post.
    Look up at your browser bar when you click on any post title and you will see the permalink.
    Also note that there is no "www" in any url.
    The correct url for your blog is

  3. they are automatically created. The permalink for your latest post, for example is:

  4. Thanks, timethief - that wwwas a total typo on my part. And to judyb12 too, because I never click on the post links themselves I had no idea they were already there. If I were young enough to say doh! I would,

  5. everyone's young enough to say "D'oh!"

    You're welcome ;-)

  6. You're welcome and happy blogging. :)

  7. Um... I don't see the permalink thing on my new blog... where is it??

  8. On the title of each post. Click on it and you'll see the permalink in your browser bar.

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