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post photos from mobile?

  1. I've successfully logged on and created a post from my mobile (saved as draft), but I wanted to add a photos from the phone as well, which didn't seem to be an option. Is it not possible at all, or do I need to go about it another way?

  2. It isn't possible yet, but should be just around the corner. You can even help test WordPress for iPhone Version 1.2

  3. Thanks, I am completely new to this blogging stuff and kind of assumed I was doing it wrong... I'd've loved to help test it, but don't have an iPhone, which I guess is a pre-requisite. But I hope it will be available for all phones that can handle it?

  4. What about Windows Mobile? There are far more people using windows mobile based smartphones than iphone-users. Why is there no client for windows mobile, allowing to post text AND photos?

  5. pengalibrarian

    Have you tried using Shozu ( )? It should allow you to post to WordPress from any mobile phone.

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