post photos from mobile?

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    I’ve successfully logged on and created a post from my mobile (saved as draft), but I wanted to add a photos from the phone as well, which didn’t seem to be an option. Is it not possible at all, or do I need to go about it another way?


    It isn’t possible yet, but should be just around the corner. You can even help test WordPress for iPhone Version 1.2



    Thanks, I am completely new to this blogging stuff and kind of assumed I was doing it wrong… I’d’ve loved to help test it, but don’t have an iPhone, which I guess is a pre-requisite. But I hope it will be available for all phones that can handle it?



    What about Windows Mobile? There are far more people using windows mobile based smartphones than iphone-users. Why is there no client for windows mobile, allowing to post text AND photos?


    Have you tried using Shozu ( )? It should allow you to post to WordPress from any mobile phone.

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