How can a post break my homepage layout?

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    Why does this post keep popping up off the top left of my front page and distorting the whole layout and hard-to-read posts that are more current than this post?? One day is gone another day is back again????? I am so frustrated with this hiccup and not know what else to do to get it corrected. Please help.

    Secondly, how do you get two small photos go side by side and be centered? Thank you so much for your help while I navigate through my new blog home from blogger.
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    This post: contained </div> closing tags outnumbering the <div> opening tags.

    You usually end up with these tags when copying and pasting from another site, please be careful to either delete them ( as they are generally useless on ) or at least make sure that you have the same number of opening and closing tags.

    I fixed the post for you.



    Thank you so much. You ROCK! I am learning…and that in itself is so fun, exciting, and rewarding :D

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