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post powerpoint presentation here?

  1. I am wanting to put up a powerpoint presentation that I've created to be my Christmas card. Is there a way to insert it into a post? Do I need to find somewhere to "park" it and get an address/link to it and post THAT instead?

    If I need to park it somewhere - do you know of any sites that provide that type of hosting for free?


  2. This search brings up a number of threads about powerpoint which should help you.

    You'll need to "park it somewhere". There are many sites out there that will host a file for you, is the only one I can think of right now though.


  3. It should upload fine. *.ppt's are allowed.

  4. As fae as "free parking" goes, you can get a free account from photobucket or flickr or zooomr. While the Yahoo-owned Flickr is arguably the top dog of the social photo sharing sites, another entrant, Zooomr, with the requisite -r instead of -er, has shown its face. They are currently giving away free pro accounts.

  5. Um, folks? The poster asked if they needed to host the file elsewhere. Uploading it to space should be fine as powerpoint files are allowed. :)

  6. When did that change Doc? Last time we looked into this (and posted in one of the other threads) it couldn't be done and offsite hosting was needed. /me shrugs.

  7. OOPS! Sorry about that - I guess I goofed up too [she scratches her head].

  8. I don't thinnk it had changed. I think *.ppts have always been allowed. That FAQ is from quite some time ago.

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