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Post Problems

  1. ciberintimidation101

    I have this post that keeps apearing named ##TITLE## all there is in this post is
    ##CONTENT## but wil never go away even when i delete it. i have the same problem with both my blogs.

  2. Hello there,
    Pretend for a moment you are a Volunteer like me reading this thread. How on earth could you help? There is no link to the blog or to the post you describe which you say appears in two blogs. Please provide active links starting with http:// to the posts in question in both blogs so we can help you.

  3. ciberintimidation101

  4. That link goes to a blank page for me. What exactly do YOU see in that post?

  5. ciberintimidation101

    its no longer there but it didnt go away until now

  6. Great news! This issue has been resolved.

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