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    I’ve done a search on this.

    I noticed my most recent post (today Oct 28th) on wasn’t visible at the top of my home page. (I rarely check my homepage). Then I realised it had been posted with the draft creation date, even though I’d since worked on it. (I’ve noticed this problem twice previously but didn’t look closely at it).

    This time I noticed the publication date was the draft creation date. I edited the schedule to today’s date, but the post is still not visible at the page head. But not I can’t see it at all (on the front page or further down), even though the page link from my dashboard works ( AND that link now shows today’s date.


    1: How do I fix today’s post? Other than I’ve tried (repeatedly).
    2: Can I change a setting so that all future posts are dated when written not drafted (I work off drafts 50% of the time).

    I have no idea how much traffic I’ve lost because even I write daily, visitors would often not have been aware (anymore than I was) that posts were appearing “back in time”.
    (The previous pages weren’t set to Sticky, something I never use).

    The blog I need help with is



    You appear to have changed the date stamp in the Publish module and resolved the issue. The fact the post was published with the draft date rather than the correct publication date is not normal behavior. If you need more help feel free to post again.


    Thanks for the response.

    Unfortunately I didn’t resolve it. What I had to do was rewrite and republish the post. So my subscribers got two copies. Changing the publish dates etc didn’t work at all for me. I have no idea why this issue appeared today, since nothing was different in my usual draft>edit>publish procedure. Any ideas?

    Thanks and regards

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