Post published to the wrong blog through Google Doc

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    When I attempt to publish a post through Google Doc it keeps
    getting published to my hidden secondary blog instead of the blog that I have set as primary. How can I change this?



    Google Doc is not wordpress technology. WordPress technology is not choosing which blog the off line editor is to publish to. I also use an ofline editor called BlogDesk and in it I specify which of my wordpress blogs to publish to.
    I believe you ought to consult the help files for Google Doc and/or with support at Google Doc to see what they can tell you about their programming and how to select the correct blog in it.



    Only thing I can think of is double checking your Google settings and making sure you have it pointed to the correct blog.


    I’ve tried every possible option in the Google settings including the numeric id of my primary blog. Nothing seems to work. I have posted this problem to Google Docs support group.



    Good thinking and good luck. There’s nothing we can do for your here.

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